Hot Beverages

01 Coffee $1.50
02 Ethiopian coffee $2.75
03 Ethiopian coffee ceremony $20.00
04 Tea $2.00
05 Yello Tej (Ethiopian home made honey wine) $5.00
06 Coffee Tej (Ethiopian home made honey wine $6.00

Refreshing Beverages

refresing drinks
07 All sodas drinks (Coca Cola, Fanta, Sprite, Ginger Ale, Ice Tea, Diet Coke) $1.50
08 Juices $5.00
09 Apple, cranberry and mango and orange $3.00
10 Mineral Water $2.00

Bottled Beer

bottled beer
11 Corona, Amstel, Budwiser, Bud Light, Heineken, Miller, Stella Artois. $3.50
12 Regular Becks Beer, Becks dark, Guinness, Fat Tire $3.50
13 Ethiopian Beer $4.50
14 Draft Beer (check for availability) $5.00
15 Fat Tire $4.00

Addis Ababa Mojito

Addis Ababa Mojito
B1 Addis Ababa Mojito Bacardi white rum, Mint lemon or any other juice, simple syrup with club soda $8.00
B2 Addis Ababa Mojito with no alcohol.( Mint, lemon or any other juice, simple syrup with club soda) $6.00
B3 Addis Ababa frozen Margarita. patron tequila, lime juice, pineapple juice $8.00


16 Egg sandwich $6.00
17 Chechebsa ( Ethiopian flat bread Kita torn in small pieces mixed with spices butter and Berbere). $8.00
18 Sudan style Ful ( Mashed fava beans garnished with fresh onions, cheese, jalapeño pepper, tomato, boiled egg served with fresh bread). $8.00
19 Regular Ful ( Mashed fava beans garnishead with fresh onion, jalapeño pepper, tomato served with French bread). $7.00
20 Kuwanta Firfir ( Home made dehydrated beef cooked in spice with shredded Enjera. $12.00
21 Kitfo Sandwich ( lean beef seasoned with mitmita, and mixed with spiced butter, served on French bread). $12.00
22 Dullet. ( combination of beef, liver, and cleaned lamb tripe, diced onion, garlic, pepper, mixed with spiced butter, served with Enjera or bread) can be ordered raw, medium or well done. $14.00


23 Vegetable Sambusa (Vegetarian pastry shell filled with sauteed lentils, onion and jalapeño pepper) is served with sweet chili sauce. $2.00
24 Azifa (Lentil salad boiled and seasoned with jalapeño pepper and onion) $2.50
25 Kategna (mix of berbere and herbal butter) is spread over freshly backed Enjera) $3.00
26 Suff Firfir (sunflower seed cooked with onion and pepper). $5.00
27 Timatim Fitfit (Enjera is mixed with chopped tomato, onion, jalapeño, served cold); $3.99
Pasta and Rice dishes (Pasta and rice are served with salad)
28 Spaghetti with meat sauce: served with Ethiopian style meat sauce $12.00
29 Spaghetti with Vegetarian sauce spaghetti is served with Ethiopian style mixed vegetable sauce. $12.00
30 Rice with beef Alicha: Rice is served with beef stew. $13.50
31 Rice with fish. Rice is served with your choice of sauce and fried Tilapia fish.. $13.00


Doro Wot
32 Regular tibs tender beef or lamb is sautéed $11.50 lamb $13.50 with onion, resemary, jalapeño pepper and spicy berbere sauce Beef. $12.50 - $14.00
33 Special Tibs Beef or lamb marinated with Ethiopian sauce, fried with onion, jalapeño pepper, garlic and rosemary. Beef $13.00, Lamb $15.00
34 Lega Tibs: Tender pieces of lamb is cooked with onion, garlic jalapeño pepper and berbere sauce. $13.00
35 Awaze Tibs: Lightly sautéed tender pieces of lamb is mixed with home made Awaze sauce, onion, garlic and jalapeño pepper. $13.50
36 Zilzil Tibs: Strips of Tender meat marinateed with sauce and is fried with onion, jalapeño pepper, garlic and rosemary. $14.00
37 Doro Tibs Bonless chicken breast sautéed in a blend of spices, jalapeño pepper, onion, garlic mixed with herbal butter. $12.50
38 Doro Begomen Bonless chicken breast and chopped collard green sautéed in a blend of spices, onion, jalapaño pepper, garlic touched with herbal butter. $12.50
39 Melasena sember: Beef tripe and tongue cooked in ginger sauce and seasoned with garlic. $12.50
40 Regular Kitfo. Tartar beef seasoned with with herbal butter, mitmita and cardamon ( You can order it raw, medium or well done). $12.50
41 Special Kitfo Beef seasoned with herbal butter, cardamon and mitmita is served with home made cottage cheese and cooked collard greens. Order raw, medium or well done. $13.00
42 Kitfo Dullet: Kitfo is mixed with jalapeño pepper and onion. $14.00
43 Gored Gored: chunked cubed beef sautéed with home made awaze sauce, cardamom a dash of red wine and herbal butter. May order raw, medium or well done. $13.50
44 Dullet: well cleaned lamb tibs and liver mixed with lean red meat, diced onion, garlic, jalapeño pepper, herbal butter, cardoon and mitmita. May order raw, medium or well done. $14.00
45 Kitfo sandwich: Kitfo served on French bread. $11.00
46 Alicha Beef: Beef stew simmered with onion, garlic turmeric and herbal butter. $13.00
47 Doro Alicha chicken breast simmered in turmeric sauce, spiced with ginger, garlic, onion and herbal butter, served with hard boiled egg.


48 Doro Wot: chicken drumstick simmered in hot berbere sauce spiced with garlic, ginger, onion and herbal butter, served with boiled egg. $12.50
49 Key Wot: lean chopped beef simmered in a medium hot thick berbere sauce and herbal butter. $12.00
50 Yebeg Tibs Firfir: Combination of shredded Enjera and lamb tibs. $12.50
51 Kwanza Firfir shredded Enjera with spiced homemade beef jerky stew, spiced with berbere. $12.50
52 Doro Wet Firfir: Combination of shredded Enjera with Doro Wot. $12.00

Vegetarian Dishes

53 Split red lentils cooked in a hot berbere sauce, seasoned with ginger, garlic and cardamon. $9.00
54 Misir Alicha Whole green lentils simmered cooked until tender with onion, garlic, ginger and turmeric. $8.00
55 Kik Alicha: Split yellow peas simmered cooked until tender with onion, garlic and turmeric. $8.00
56 Atakilt Wot: chopped cabbage, sliced carrot and potato chunks stir fried with onion, garlic, ginger, turmeric and vegetable oil. $10.00
57 Gomen Wot: Chopped collard greens simmered in mild sauce of oil, onion and herbs. $9.50
58 Carrot And Fosolia: Strips of carrot and green beans sautéed with onion, garlic and berbere. $10.00
59 Gomen Beayib: collard greens simmered in sauce of oil, mitmita, herbs and tossed with homemade cottage cheese. $10.00
60 Shiro: powdered herbed and spiced chickpeas, simmered in an onion and tomato bullion, seasoned with garlic. $11.00


61 Vegetarian Dish; The combination of 6 vegetarian dishes. $14.00
62 Shifenfin: Combination of doro wot Firfir, Kwanta firfir, topped with regular Kitfo, hard boiled egg and home made Ethiopian cheese. Serves two persons. $17.50
63 Meat Combo: the choice of four meat dishes.(46,47,48,49). $14.00
64 Meat And Vegetarian Combo: choice of 2 meats (46-49) and 3 choices of veggies (53-60). $15.00
65 Vegetarian Combo ( up to three persons). $30.00